Michael Pollan On Caffeine, Opium, Mescaline

One of the writers I most revere in journalism, Michael has a style that is as lucid as his research is exhaustive. His new book, "This Is Your Mind on Plants" — specifically coffee, poppies, and the San Pedro cactus — is a continuation of his magisterial "How to Change Your Mind," a deep dive into psychedelics that made the subject more respectable than it’s ever been. (My 2018 review of that book, “Just Say Yes to Drugs,” is included in my new essay collection.) For three clips of my conversation with Michael — on our shared love of gardening and why it’s so zen; on whether psychoactive drugs may have sparked the rise of religion; and how the first coffee houses were a kind of proto-internet — head over to our YouTube page. Get full access to The Weekly Dish at andrewsullivan.substack.com/subscribe

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