Why You Need a Korean Dad Like Nick Cho

As we exist in this life, in what ways can we make this world a better place? The simplicity and depth of this question exemplifies who Nick Cho is. As “Your Korean Dad” on TikTok, with over 3 million followers, Nick speaks gently and directly to viewers in his less than a minute-long videos. Each one is characterized by fatherly care, authenticity and whimsy. Nick takes us to buy snacks at Walgreens. He makes coffee for us while we do homework. He also addresses Transracial adoptees, acknowledging their struggles and telling them “I see you.” Some have dubbed him a modern-day Mr. Rogers. In this episode, we talk to Cho about how church life has formed him and why he walked away. Learn more about The Disrupters podcast at ivpress.com/disrupters. Plus, listeners of The Disrupters podcast will get 30% off all IVP titles plus free US shipping by using promo code DISRUPT at ivpress.com.

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For season three, sociologist and pop-culture expert Nancy Wang Yuen invites a diverse group of culture movers and history makers who live out their faith in unexpected ways to discuss faith, identity, and their creative work. Yuen is the author of Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism and coeditor with Deshonna Collier-Goubil of Power Women: Stories of Motherhood, Faith, and the Academy. She serves as an associate professor of sociology at Biola University. She has appeared on PBS, NPR, MSNBC, CBS News, NBC News, BBC World, and Dr. Phil. She is a guest writer at CNN, Elle, Los Angeles Times, NBC, and Newsweek.