Short Selling, Profit Protection, Chowder Rule: What You Need to Know

Easy solutions can involve serious risks. Here's what to consider before doing Short Selling, Profit Protection, and the Chowder Rule. For the complete show notes, make sure to check out our website: Download the Dividend Rock Stars List. Twitter: @TheDividendGuy FB: YouTube:

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Should I buy? Should I sell? Or Should I stand pat? The market should never dictate how or when you invest. By increasing your confidence levels, you will invest with more conviction, save time, and eliminate many of your dilemmas. Everybody deserves a happy retirement. Mike Heroux from The Dividend Guy Blog is not only a passionate investor, but he is also pretty good at explaining how the market works and how you can make your money work more effectively for you. This podcast will cover all aspects of dividend growth investing. The clearer and more detailed your investing methodology, the easier it is to stick to your plan and avoid the potential pitfalls. Supported by dividend stock examples, facts, and a well-tested investing strategy, you will receive his best advice on how to properly respond to market fluctuations; how to build your dividend growth investing portfolio; and, how to manage that portfolio so you can eventually enjoy a stress-free retirement. Since 2003, Mike has been 100% invested in equities. He shifted his entire portfolio into a dividend growth investing strategy in 2010. Mike worked in the financial industry for a number of years including 5 years as a certified financial planner and another 5 years as a private banker. He decided to leave the corporate world of banking at the age of 35 because his ultimate goal was to help more investors be successful. In 2013, he founded Dividend Stocks Rock, which is a service that now guides over 3,000 investors down the path of success using a Dividend Growth Investing model. He is followed by over 55,000 people and counts 15,000+ webinar attendees to date. Hit subscribe now to improve your portfolio’s performance and to add conviction to your investment decisions. Disclaimer: The information contained within this podcast is for informational purposes only and it is not intended as a recommendation of the securities highlighted or any particular investment strategy; nor should it be considered a solicitation to buy or sell any security. In addition, this information is not represented or warranted to be accurate, correct, complete, or timely. The securities mentioned in this podcast may not be suitable for all types of investors and the information contained in this podcast does not constitute advice. Before acting on any information in this email, readers should consider whether such an investment is suitable for their particular circumstances, perform their own due diligence, and if necessary, seek professional advice.