Knockstar: Danny Pessy

From former comedian in Hollywood to staple in the direct selling industry, Danny has over 14 years of door-to-door sales and leadership experience.Averaging over 300 alarm account a year for over a DECADE, Danny has earned his stripes in the industry. With over 3,500 alarm systems sold door to door, there is less than a handful of people who have accomplished that type of personal production. In management and leadership, Danny has recruited and managed over 25,000 accounts and growing. Danny is currently the co-owner of Knockstar llc, a business consulting company that helps Increase companies production. He has paid his dues to become an authority in the D2D industry and has developed a passion for passing the torch to the next generation of salesmen. Please give us a review on Apple Podcasts! Like & Subscribe! Follow us on all socials @thedoorknockerpodcast.And catch video recordings on Youtube! Links below: 

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This is The Door Knocker Podcast where we dive into the explosive growth of the residential solar industry. An industry which is almost entirely driven by door to door salesmen. We’ll look at this from both sides of the door with discussions from the homeowners perspective, as well as an in-depth look at sales practices, ethics, and experiences from the point of view of the door knockers. We hope to provide an inside look for homeowners at this exciting growth industry as well as provide a resource for industry professionals, by fostering a discussion of what both can expect from in home sales. Check us out on Instagram: @thedoorknockerpodcast