Binge Eating, Emotions, Self-Care and Body Image with Dr. Marianne Miller

Today, I’m talking to Dr. Marianne Miller (all the way from San Diego) who has been in the mental health field for 27 years and has specialised in eating disorders for the last 12 years. Marianne was a full-time academic for 12 years and had a part-time eating disorder practice for much of that time (until she left the university) and went into private practice full-time in 2018. Dr. Marianne loves working with eating disorders as a therapist and a coach. She takes a non-diet, feminist approach that helps people of all genders live empowered, authentic lives. She embraces the Health at Every Size model and is LGBTQIAA+ affirming. Dr. Marianne recently launched the Elite Binge Eating Recovery Method, an online binge eating program. It helps high-achieving professionals regain their mental and emotional energy by shifting their relationship with food to be fully present in their life. In this episode today, Marianne talks about self-care and self-soothing and how binge eating can often be a way to regulate emotions and feel better.  Marianne then explores common patterns seen in therapy and tools to help regulate emotions and practice better self-care.  She dives into body image struggles, particularly when you are in a larger body and struggling with binge eating and how to seek out helpful support from professionals, as often people don’t understand binge eating and you might be encouraged to pursue weight loss. This can leave you feeling ashamed, isolated, and alone. Marianne is absolutely passionate about this area of work, and you are going to learn so much from her. I hope that you enjoy it! To find out more about Marianne: - Website: Eating Disorder Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Membership program:   This week's sponsor: WeShape   Harriet Frew's current offers: - Online 10 Steps to Intuitive Eating Course with Harriet Frew - 50% off with code FREEDOMISPOSSIBLE   Eating Disorders Training for Professionals   Body Image Training for Professionals    

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