Eating Disorder Recovery: An Experience as a Black Woman, Prioritising Mental Health and Body Acceptance, with Jayde Barber

Today I am talking to Jayde Barber. Jayde is the creator and host of the Students of Mind Podcast, a mental health advocate, peer supporter, and entrepreneur in the Los Angeles Area. Since a young age, Jayde has been diagnosed and living with several mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, and anorexia. Although she is not a licensed mental health professional, Jayde’s experience as a patient, family member, and friend of individuals with mental illness has driven her to share her experiences and insights. Through The Students of Mind podcast and across social media, Jayde shares her mental health and recovery journey.  The Students of Mind Podcast was created in March of 2020. On the show, Jayde covers various mental health related topics through interviews with mental health experts and healers, as well as survivors--people like herself who live everyday with mental illness. Students of Mind aims to normalise talking openly about mental health, remove the many barriers that exist to receiving mental health education and resources, reduce the stigma and taboo’s that exist around mental health and mental illness, and express that everyone has mental health that needs to be tended to, just as we tend to our physical health. In today’s episode, Jayde talks about her experience of eating disorder recovery as a Black woman, delving into her journey through the different treatment levels in her eating disorder healing. Jayde is passionate about us all prioritising mental health as much, if not more than our physical health and she explains how she personally does this herself with deep awareness and self-care practices. Jade also dives into how she works on developing a more positive body image, and the strategies she utilises to manage this. Jayde is an incredibly inspiring individual and there’s lots packed into this episode. I hope that you enjoy it.   To find out more about Jayde: - Website: Instagram: @jaydembarber, @studentsofmind   This week's sponsor - Amber Romaniuk:- Website: Podcast:   Harriet Frew's current offers: - Online 10 Steps to Intuitive Eating Course Online Breaking Free from Bulimia – 20% off with code FREEDOM at checkout  Eating Disorders Training for Professionals Body Image Training for Professionals  

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