Feeling in Two Minds About Recovery? 7 Ways to Shift Motivation by Working through Ambivalence

It's understandable that you might be in two minds about eating disorder recovery. Part of you will be desperate for change. Another part of you might be terrified of letting go of the ed. Ultimately, an eating disorder is a coping strategy for deeper issues. It might feel as though it's all about food, when in fact, it may be offering safety, numbing of feelings, identity and purpose.  In this episode, I explore how to work through ambivalence and improve motivation for change. I hope that you find it helpful.   Harriet Frew's current offers: - Online 10 Steps to Intuitive Eating Course https://www.theeatingdisordertherapist.co.uk/online-courses.html Online Breaking Free from Bulimia  https://www.theeatingdisordertherapist.co.uk/online-courses.html  Eating Disorders Training for Professionals https://www.theeatingdisordertherapist.co.uk/eating-disorders-training-with-harriet-frew.html Body Image Training for Professionals https://www.theeatingdisordertherapist.co.uk/body-image-training-with-harriet-frew.html  

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