Trauma Informed Nutritional Care and Creative Approaches in Eating Disorder Recovery, with Annyck Besso

Today I’m talking to Annyck Besso who is a Registered Dietitian who specialises in treating individuals with eating disorders and offering guidance to athletes when it comes to sports nutrition and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport. Annyck is based in Quebec, Canada. Annyck applies therapeutic modalities and principles of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating to her nutrition recommendations to assist clients in developing more effective relationships with food and their bodies. Annyck identifies what clients value to explore how present behaviours interfere with achieving their goals. Because of her love of sport, Annyck also has an interest in sports nutrition. She specialises in the treatment of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport, micronutrient deficiencies in sport, and fuelling to optimise recovery and performance. Annyck is bilingual French and English.  In today’s episode Annyck talks about her journey into working in eating disorders and sports nutrition. She explores what it means to provide trauma-informed nutritional care to people with eating disorders.  She discusses motivation for change and understanding the deeper meaning of an eating disorder as a coping strategy. Annyck explains how she uses creative approaches in supporting her clients including cooking and going out to restaurants. She talks about grounding techniques to calm the nervous system and how she works to provide individual and person-centred care in her practice. Annyck is an inspiring human who clearly is passionate about what she does. So much value in this episode. I hope that you enjoy it.   To find out more about Annyck: Website: Instagram: @s.O.O.m.a   This week's sponsors: - Dr. Marianne-Land: An Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast Apple: Spotify:   When I "visited" Dr. Marianne-Land! :) Apple: Spotify:   Harriet Frew's current offers: - Online 10 Steps to Intuitive Eating Course Online Breaking Free from Bulimia – 20% off with code FREEDOM at checkout  Eating Disorders Training for Professionals Body Image Training for Professionals    

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