What REALLY helped in Eating Disorder Recovery, with Food Freedom Psychologist, Anna Schmidt

Today, I’m talking to Anna Schmidt who is a Food Freedom and Body Image Psychologist. Anna has been on her own eating disorder recovery journey. She started dieting as a teenager, initially just wanting to lose a few kilos and going on a very restrictive and low calorie diet. Little did she know at the time that this would be the beginning of a 15 year struggle with weight, food and confidence. Anna never believed that she would be able to eat normally and to accept her body. Fast forward to today, Anna has recovered from bulimia, binge eating and emotional eating and has found peace with food and her body. She became a psychologist and a nutritionist to better understand why and how we can end up in this disordered eating nightmare and how to get out of it. Anna uses her personal experience and training to guide people through a life changing healing process providing her clients with evidence-based resources to use along the way. Anna is mindful that every healing journey is unique, and no one size approach fits all solutions. In the episode today, you'll hear about Anna’s healing journey and what really helped her to recover from bulimia, binge eating and emotional eating. I hope that you find it helpful. To find out more about Anna: - Website: https://healthymindclub.eu/ Instagram: @healthy.mindclub    Harriet Frew's current offers: - Online 10 Steps to Intuitive Eating Course https://www.theeatingdisordertherapist.co.uk/online-courses.html Online Breaking Free from Bulimia  https://www.theeatingdisordertherapist.co.uk/online-courses.html  Eating Disorders Training for Professionals https://www.theeatingdisordertherapist.co.uk/eating-disorders-training-with-harriet-frew.html Body Image Training for Professionals https://www.theeatingdisordertherapist.co.uk/body-image-training-with-harriet-frew.html

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