The Eighty Eight Podcast Hosted by Wayne Anthony

The Eighty Eight Podcast | #01 | Tyree Cooper

av The Eighty Eight Podcast Hosted by Wayne Anthony | Publicerades 8/15/2020

*Turn Up The Bass | Creating House | Record Labels* Globally known as the ‘Awesome Supa Dupa Trooper’ Tyree Cooper is one of Chicago’s pioneering House music producers. Releasing hit after hit, pushing House Music to lt’s fullest potential. Champion of Hip House and Acid House, Tyree has played sets in countless countries around the world. He discusses the early DiY methods of producing music on zero budgets. Sharing the dark and light sides of the music industry during the 1980s. Dwelling more on the formation of a brand new genre of music. Made by young black locals on a mission to be heard in the biggest clubs in the city. Unbeknown to this small group of producers, their music went global. *Recording;* Wayne Anthony (London) Tyree Cooper (Las Vegas) *Listen to the Music Discussed on Podcast* Youtube Playlist (Tyree Track Playlist): *Some People Mentioned;* Mike Dunn | Marshal Jefferson | Steve Silk Hurley | Farley Jackmaster Funk | Darryl Pandy | Derrick May | Fast Eddie | Joe Smooth | Frankie Knuckles | White Knight | Sterling Void | Twenty Four Seven | JMD | Paul Oakenfold | Carl Brown | Matt Jam Lamont | Paul Trouble Anderson | Nicky Holloway | Boy George | Fat Tony | Tony Wilson | Danny Rampling | Bam Bam | Candy J | Prince | Shrinechick | Chick | Keith Nelly | Pete Tong | Betty Boo | Carl Cox | Cat | Terry Farley | Chris Sullivan (Wag Club) *Share, Like, Subscribe & Follow;* Website: Youtube Channel: Instagram: Twitter: Support this podcast at —

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Exploring the evolution of music, social culture and technology in the United Kingdom. The Eighty Eight Podcast will share the many stories of people involved in the evolution and production of Music, Fashion, Art, Technology and Life. The first deep dive into the social evolution of music and culture is focused on the Second Summer of Love circa 1988.