The Eighty Eight Podcast Hosted by Wayne Anthony

The Eighty Eight Podcast | #18 | Paul Ibiza

av The Eighty Eight Podcast Hosted by Wayne Anthony | Publicerades 3/18/2021

Fantastic Ibiza | Jungle Splash | Ibiza Records ----------------------------------------------- Paul Ibiza has been kicking off doors since he was fifteen. He began staging soul parties from an early age and continued staging events for over 3 decades. In that time he has founded a new genre of music which he called Jungle. Launched the biggest Jungle record label on the planet. A label still very active today which presses vinyl at his own plant. When Acid House came along in 1988, Paul ventured to the historic hotspots that launched Acid House. Paul took the promoter blueprint from Genesis’88 and established The Fantastic Ibiza as a powerful platform for emerging talent. Paul shares many stories on his epic journey through EDM, staging dozens of parties. Host: Wayne Anthony (Genesis’88 / Class of 88 Author) Guest: Paul Ibiza (Ibiza Records) NOTE: MATURE LANGUAGE In This Episode *   Wayne and Paul First Meet *   Seizing on Opportunities (Genesis’88 Closures) *   Black Clubs in West End *   Gangsters Extorting Money from Businesses *   Kicking Off Doors Age 15 *   Throwing House Parties in Town Houses *   House Parties to Warehouse Parties *   Staging Parties as 3Dam *   How Fantastic Ibiza Got its Name *   Football Firms on the Scene *   The Return of Vinyl | Owning a Pressing Plant *   Smiley Culture Tries to Rob Everyone at Gunpoint *   Protection by Tottenham Massive Crews *   Parties in Schools *   Staging Organism Parties *   Organising Two Parties on Same Night *   Ironing Cash on Ironing Boards *   Buying All Soft Drinks at 711 *   The Cotton Club - Stoke Newington *   Genesis’88 & Sunrise New Years Eve *   Forming Ibiza Records *   Paul Named Jungle Music Jungle *   Gangsters Wanting 35 Grand for Warehouse *   Many More Tales from The Legend Paul Ibiza Resources Supporting the Podcast We have only recently launched the video and audio podcast, which means we really need the support of our viewers and listeners. The team will provide high quality interviews at every endeavour. Once published we kindly ask YOU to help share the message. This is accomplished in the following ways. Tell everyone that will listen about the podcast. LIKE the posts wherever you see them. Leave a REVIEW and COMMENT, let us know how we’re doing. It’s important that you SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel. SIGN UP for our newsletter, we don’t spam. FOLLOW us on Social Media and SHARE, COMMENT. If you own a website feel free to EMBED our videos. We need YOUR help to grow, do it now before you forget. THANK YOU Official Merch & Products: Our Network Website: ( ) Youtube Channel: ( ) Instagram: ( ) Twitter: ( ) Facebook: Support this podcast at —

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Exploring the evolution of music, social culture and technology in the United Kingdom. The Eighty Eight Podcast will share the many stories of people involved in the evolution and production of Music, Fashion, Art, Technology and Life. The first deep dive into the social evolution of music and culture is focused on the Second Summer of Love circa 1988.