Cybersecurity for the Next Normal in Higher Ed with Ruston Miles

Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Ruston Miles, who is the Founder of Bluefin, the CEO of Payfactory and has been working and thinking about online security… well, forever.In this 'heads up' conversation Ruston and I talk about00:00 › Start05:00 › Bluefin and Ruston’s path to creating an advanced cybersecurity company07:00 › Why Cybersecurity is so important today in Higher Ed—Bottom line: These institutions make for extremely juicy targets because their systems are typically less advanced, but they hold a ton of personal data. And the entry points are everywhere because universities are typically a “whole city” in themselves and have things like restaurants, gyms, theaters, donations, ticketing, and sports events. 10:38 › What can we be doing?  Universities and Higher Ed should get serious about encrypting and tokenizing data to protect their systems. Students and faculty should be trained about the risks related to their data. Because, at the end of the day, if one student leaves a door open, that means everyone is vulnerable12:00 › Practical Tools and Systems We Should All Be Using—Things like authentication of users with a zero trust model; or a multi-factor or 2 step authentication. These systems add layers that really make a difference14:20 › Options to Consider when Transitioning to Cloud-Based Systems—Sometimes these are safer than software maintained by a university because of standards, access controls and more 18:26 › Dark Web Primer—What it is and why you need to be aware of itSubscribe to eLearn Magazine

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