How Monash And A Volunteer Army Is Helping Ukrainians Meet Their Educational Goals With Michael Phillips

Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Michael Phillips, Associate Professor of Digital Transformations at Monash University.In this humanitarian conversation Mike and I talk about🎓 Monash University, part of the group of 8 research intensive universities in Australia, with the largest and most comprehensive faculty of education in Australia (and #12 in the world)🎒 What digital transformation means for Michael, his career personally, and the future of education writ large🏫 The origins, evolution and current status of an initiative that Monash is spearheading to deliver education virtually to students displaced by the war in Ukraine—and how this initiative leverages technology, student teachers and a ton of goodwill to literally change the lives of 1,000s of people👨‍🏫 Michael’s perspectives on why the programs developed by Monash result in students AND teachers that rave about learning online (Hint: you have to completely rethink how you’re delivering as a teacher)📺 How the program at Monash is funded so that it can operate from scale, who is supporting it (a shout out to David Falcon and Smart Osvita) in other ways, and how you could participate as well📺 What future additions and evolutions look like for the Monash program with things like psychosocial support, credentialing and moreℹ The reason why providing a space where structured education happens is so incredibly different than just having access to information… and why it's more critical than ever in today’s worldSubscribe to eLearn Magazine

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