Professional Services for the Open Source eLearning World with Germán Rojas

My guest for today is German Rojas, Director of Global Consulting Services at Open LMS.In this insightful conversation German and I talk about:😅  What exactly Open LMS professional services are about, and how our clients and other actors leverage them in the open source space. We also discuss when a common request becomes a “feature,” and when his team has says “no” to a request🎓 The future of education, now that we’re fully in the new hybrid reality, especially focusing on lifelong learning and professional development; and the trends the pandemic accelerated💽 What we can do as eLearning professionals to assuage the overwhelm of constant, rapid change, technology anxiety in particular📖 How your ability to learn, and your openness to learning in general is a critical job skill for the future,  and how this evolves (or not) the roles of HR professionals in corporations and HigherEd💖 We end up talking about what German is excited about for the near futureSubscribe to eLearn Magazine

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