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#4: Why you should start building your passive income machine

av The Elle Synergy Podcast | Publicerades 5/25/2021

Let’s talk about passive income! This episode of The Elle Synergy Podcast is dedicated to telling you everything about passive income, what it is, how we started creating passive income but also when you should start thinking about building your passive income machine! Whether you are fully booked or have room for a few more clients, passive income can help you generate several revenue streams without having to trade your time for money anymore. How about that?! We just launched the Passive Inc. Academy™, which is the only Academy you’ll ever need to turn your services into an online course, launch it successfully and create a passive income machine for life! You’ll find more information about PIA right here: Connect with us on Instagram @ellesynergy @ginnyfears @laurahaleydt to learn more about building and scaling your service-based business with the power of Instagram. Want to know the 15 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs that are an absolute game changer? We’ve put them together in a FREE guide just for you! All you have to do to get it is leave a review of the podcast, screenshot it and email it to We’ll make sure to send it your way! See you in the next episode!

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Welcome to The Elle Synergy Podcast, hosted by marketing and Instagram experts Laura Haleydt & Ginny Fears. On this podcast, these two business partners will share unfiltered behind the scenes of their experience as entrepreneurs and business owners of a multiple 6-figure business. Get ready to discuss business, mindset, social media, passive revenue and so much more!