116. Measuring ROI with Energetics

In this episode, Em discusses the concept of Return on Investment (ROI) with a unique emphasis on its energetic implications. Drawing from her coaching experiences, Em delves into the power of empowering stories, the need to neutralize disempowering ones, and highlights the exponential growth that comes from investing in ourselves. Prepare to shift your mindset and discover the profound impact of embracing abundance and personal growth! Emily June Wilcox is a Multi 7-Figure CEO, Money Healer, and Business Mentor. She guides women entrepreneurs on their joyous path to millions. Work with Emily June: Website: https://explore.emilywilcox.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/emilyjwilcox1/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/em.makes.money/ Free Money Wounds Quiz: https://www.emilywilcox.com/quiz Send a DM to inquire about open coaching & masterminds or go to: https://explore.emilywilcox.com/ Join Wealthy & Woo Club for just $7/month: https://go.emilywilcox.com/wealthy-woo-club/

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The mission of Joyous Path to Millions Podcast is create a world where we heal our money wounds, can openly talk about money without the shame, stigma, and cultural taboos, and where more money flows into the hands of conscious soulpreneurs. The show's host, Emily June Wilcox - Money Healer, Business Mentor, and Multi 7-Fig CEO, interviews women entrepreneurs at every stage of the game about their journey with money, worthiness, business building, and more. She also shares solo episodes to break down what’s happening in her own life & business on her joyous path to millions.