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America's Drastic Shift: What Are Paths for Climate?

av The Energy Gang | Publicerades 1/8/2021

In the final moments of 2020, the most important U.S. energy legislation in a decade flew in under the radar, attached to the coronavirus relief and government funding bill.  It’s an astonishing collection of measures. It sets aside $35 Billion in new funding for clean energy R&D, phases out some of the most egregious greenhouse gases, and extends tax credits for wind, solar, nuclear, and carbon capture. What’s the impact? It would have been a bill big enough to discuss this whole episode. But it’s been eclipsed by the possibility of more ambitious legislation under a Democrat-controlled Congress -- thanks to some big Senate wins in Georgia on Wednesday. With a window of action open, how much can get done in the next two years? We’ll dig in.  Lastly, one of the biggest business stories from the last year: Tesla. A stratospheric stock price, strong sales growth, and the second richest man in the world. What do Elon Musk’s fortunes foreshadow for EVs? Recommended reading:Greentech Media: What Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Did, and Didn’t, Get from Congress This WeekE&E News: 13 Ways the Massive Omnibus Hits EnergyDave Roberts Volts Podcast: The Energy ActE&ENews: Things to Watch in a 50-50 Senate Bloomberg: Tesla Poised for Expansion After Just Missing 2020 TargetBarron’s: Tesla Passes a Market-Cap Milestone. It’s Worth More Than Facebook. The Energy Gang is brought to you by Sungrow, a leading provider of PV inverter solutions across the world. Sungrow is supplying inverters for a series of new, world-class solar facilities that will support Facebook’s operations with 100% renewable energy. Learn more about Sungrow’s cutting-edge solar projects. The Energy Gang is also brought to you by CPower. CPower and its team of energy experts are back with a webinar series aimed to help organizations make sense of the chaos and optimize their energy use and spend in 2021. This hour-long webinar series features market-by-market breakdowns to help energy planners make the right decisions. Register today.

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