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Build Your Personal Board of Directors with Harpaul Sambhi Founder & CEO @ Magical #33

av The Engineering Leadership Podcast | Publicerades 3/23/2021

Harpaul Sambhi, Founder & CEO @ Magical reveals the tools he uses to accelerate his personal and professional growth. You’ll learn how to engineer successful outcomes with your goals through accountability mechanisms, how to build a personal board of directors or leverage friendly competitions like the “master of the universe award” to learn, pivot, & grow faster. "When we do our goal setting, especially if you're trying to compete with someone... is to do the personal side just as much as the professional side. And you get that layer of intimacy that is often not necessarily shown in these types of meetings. And as a result, they become an exceptionally vital part of your life.” HARPAUL SAMBHI, FOUNDER & CEO @ MAGICAL Harpaul Sambhi is a serial entrepreneur and life optimizer. His current company Magical is reinventing copy and paste, automating mundane, soul-crushing tasks.He previously sold his company, Careerify, to LinkedIn in 2015 and joined the product management team. SHOWNOTES The origin story of Harpaul’s hunger for personal growth (2:47) Introducing the “Personal Board of Directors” as a tool to accelerate your personal & professional growth (4:25) Accountability as a mechanism to achieve your goals (7:38) How a personal board of directors works and impacts your thought process (10:07) How to identify your gaps and leverage your personal board of directors (14:31) Increase the richness of your discussion and reduce “off the cuff thinking” with “prep notes (20:47) How to curate and build your personal board of directors (25:33) Where to start building your personal board of directors (33:32) How to use “friendly competitions” like the “Master of the Universe Award” to accelerate your growth (37:14) Focus on your goal’s inputs vs. outputs (43:22) How the “Master of the Universe Award” impacts your relationships  (45:34 Takeaways (48:50) The CrossLead Team Leader Program is designed for frontline managers of high-performing teams to help them succeed in any environment. The Team Leader Program kicks off April 13th - Sign up with code "ELC" for $250 off *Program Link Here: https://bit.ly/2NKZd9d/ Looking for other ways to get involved with ELC? Check out all of our upcoming events, peer groups, and other programs at sfelc.com! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/engineeringleadership/message

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