The Enigma Thrillers – an original podcast series.

Episode 3 : “Secrets of the underground”

av The Enigma Thrillers – an original podcast series. | Publicerades 1/19/2021

In the hills around Barcelona, Nelson steps back into his past and calls on some old friends.   See for privacy and opt-out information.

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In London, the daughter of an important tech tycoon has been abducted. On the other side of Europe, there’s been a break in at a museum in Berlin. What does one event have to do with the other ? A lot, as it turns out.  Nelson Tobias, an agent with a dark past is about to shed some light on a case which is unusual to say the least. A Rembrandt has been stolen and the results of the investigation have left those at the scene baffled. For Nelson, however, it’s a calling card and he has the support of fellow agents who can help him get to the bottom of the mystery.  Follow the case as it unfolds across Europe in 5 thrilling episodes in an original podcast series written by award-winning author Fabrice Colin. With an eclectic cast and the [Nissan Juke Enigma] at the heart of the action, Nelson and his team are about to put their unique talents to the test.  The Enigma Thrillers. Brought to you by VICE and Nissan.