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Ep 13: Efficient & Effective Workouts with Pat Flynn

No Time (or energy) for Working Out?Pat Flynn is an expert in short, efficient and effective kettlebell workouts. In fact, he's a master at Kettlebell complexes. He's also a minimalist, generalist and dad to four, so he knows exactly how to get the most bang from his limited time.In this episode, Pat and I discuss all things related to how you can exercise when you're short for time, where people tend to get stuck, what the big rocks are, and hopefully a mindset of "something is better than nothing".Enjoy.What You Will Learn:0:00 Introduction03:51 What are Kettlebell Complexes?06:00 Workout efficiency & minimalism09:00 Getting your priorities straight with the Prisoner's Dilemma13:40 Where are people getting stuck?16:40 Engineering your own success 24:00 The most "enough" things you can do for your fitness26:08 Oooh, a fun complex idea27:50 Strong On, challenges, periodization, and pivot-points31:40 Two 16's, and wrapping up=================WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME, YOUR HOST:Join the Body Trust Movement: https://equippedwithstrength.comWorkout Membership: Programs and Coaching:

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After over 15 years in the health and fitness fields, Cardiac Nurse turned Personal Trainer, Marianne Kane explores the journey from believing you're broken, dysfunctional, and ill-equipped to a place of believing you come equipped with exactly what you need for your next step.Your host discusses topics that will help lessen the burden of "getting it all right" and create freedom to be your truest and fullest "fit self", inside and out, just as you are.