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Ep 16: The challenge is the industry itself (with Steve Cotter)

An interview with Steve Cotter, where we discuss fitness basics, the importance of fundamentals, and how cultural and economic factors can impact our health in ways we didn’t realize. Let’s get back to the basics of mind, body, and breath.  Steve Cotter is a master coach and founder of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation. He is a pioneer in the world of kettlebell training and has instructed thousands of fitness professionals. Among his other accomplishments, Steve is on Men’s Health Magazines ‘The 100 Fittest Men of All Time’ listYou can check out and follow Steve here:Website - https://ikff.netYouTube - -'s discussed:0:00  Introduction1:27 Mind - Body Connection in Fitness 5:06 “The challenge is the industry itself”14:29 “When you can uplift someone, it is as if you can give something to yourself”19:00 “I am a true believer that the foundation and salvation is through physical fitness”25:24 “Mental wellbeing is crucial”28:08 “The foundation for all of it is the physical education”36:30 “I teach people the fundamentals of mind, body, breath”40:34 “As a general culture we feel broken and dysfunctional and the industry runs with that”48:40 Duality and Yin and Yang56:02 “I think the way forward is to take care of ourselves”1:01:27 “There is something even bigger than help, wellbeing”1:03:44 Some wisdom and tips for people who need inspiration1:09:59 Fight and Flight Responses1:15:46 Mobility and Kettle Bell Programing

Om Podcasten

After over 15 years in the health and fitness fields, Cardiac Nurse turned Personal Trainer, Marianne Kane explores the journey from believing you're broken, dysfunctional, and ill-equipped to a place of believing you come equipped with exactly what you need for your next step.Your host discusses topics that will help lessen the burden of "getting it all right" and create freedom to be your truest and fullest "fit self", inside and out, just as you are.