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Ep 8: The Messy Middle of Weight Loss with Jen Campbell of Balance 365

Are you ready to abandon the all-or-nothing mentality and accept that knowing your worth is more valuable than weight loss? You see, once you gain self-worth and be in charge of your body, weight loss becomes secondary to health and wellness. In this episode, Marianne speaks with Jen Campbell! She’s the co-founder and nutrition coach at Balance365, where she helps meet women where they’re in their health and wellness journey. She’s passionate about helping women simplify nutrition and get out of their own way.Listen in to learn the importance of embracing your weight fluctuations as a life journey because you can’t stay the same forever. You will also learn how to balance the type of self-compassion you’re showing yourself. What You Will Learn:·        [0:36] Jen describes her health and fitness journey and why she specialized in nutrition coaching.·        [5:52] How Balance365 helps women find their balance and achieve sustainable weight loss. ·        [10:20] How to change your mindset to understand that your healthiest weight might not be what you’re imagining.  ·        [13:19] Why Jen and her business partner Annie started Balance365 to teach women about health at every size. ·        [20:26] Jen explains why she focuses on women discovering their inherent worth and not weight loss.·        [25:38] The business values and messaging of Balance365 that emphasizes not using before and after weight loss pictures.·        [29:42] How to accept and embrace weight fluctuations as a journey of life. ·        [32:28] The importance of showing yourself compassion and taking action in line with your values.·        [34:55] Jen explains why she wants people to feel that they’re in charge of their bodies. Relevant Links:·        Website: ·        Instagram:

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After over 15 years in the health and fitness fields, Cardiac Nurse turned Personal Trainer, Marianne Kane explores the journey from believing you're broken, dysfunctional, and ill-equipped to a place of believing you come equipped with exactly what you need for your next step.Your host discusses topics that will help lessen the burden of "getting it all right" and create freedom to be your truest and fullest "fit self", inside and out, just as you are.