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Ep 9: [Q&A] To Tuck or Not to Tuck the Pelvis for Glute Engagement?

Have you ever been told to "squeeze the glutes to tuck the hips under" when you do squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings? In today's show, we talk about how maybe you've been overexerting your glutes and pelvic muscles while lifting weights to activate the muscles. Like a lot of us have at one point or another, you've probably been trying too hard, because exercise is about what is a reasonable form in comfortable positions. In this episode, we have Dr. Jonathan Fass back to discuss an audience question. Cara asked:"Should we tuck the pelvic for maximum glute engagement?"Listen in to learn why you should move your muscles naturally without forcing them when lifting low weights. You will also learn the importance of listening to your body to assess exercise positions that feel comfortable for you. What You Will Learn:·        0:00 Intro and the question at hand. ·        1:08 Do the glutes need that much effort?·        2:24 Isn't it all relative?·        4:27 Should I tuck or should I extend?·        6:42 The importance of allowing yourself exercise variability to determine which one feels comfortable.·        11:24 Remembering the big rocks.·        12:47 Understanding that all exercises don’t look the same when done by different people. ·        15:46 About Jonathan. What he does, and the lens through which he answers.============GOT QUESTIONS?Email me at: Marianne@equippedwithstrength.comDID YOU SEE MY NEW PROGRAM?= https://getglutes.comJoin the Body-Trust Movement: =

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After over 15 years in the health and fitness fields, Cardiac Nurse turned Personal Trainer, Marianne Kane explores the journey from believing you're broken, dysfunctional, and ill-equipped to a place of believing you come equipped with exactly what you need for your next step.Your host discusses topics that will help lessen the burden of "getting it all right" and create freedom to be your truest and fullest "fit self", inside and out, just as you are.