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Episode 2: Emotional Eating, Sustainable Fitness Motivation, and Owning Your Fat Loss Goal (Interview with Josh Hillis)

In this discussion, Josh Hillis and I touch on the deeper factors involved in emotional eating and fitness motivation (what is sustainable motivation), how to plan for failure, freedom and agency in your health and fitness journey, and the issue of wanting to lose body fat even when you feel social pressure to embrace your body at any size (how to own your fat loss goal).We also talk a little about what's wrong with the fitness industry, how people are seen as broken, and how to find what's enough for you.Here are some helpful timestamps:Internalized failure and one of many meta problems in the fitness world: 04:33A crazy parallel between the exercise world and diet/food world: 08:20Question 1 from my community (on exercise motivation, behavioral economics): 09:35Then how to help someone move toward sustainable motivation: 15:20When plans fail; how to make robust fitness and eating plans: 18:49Question 2 from community (is emotional eating and diet problems addiction): 23:20Freedom and agency: 31:07It's about frequency: 34:33Question 3 from community: fat adapted, keto, and what's beneficial: 37:00Discussion on wanting to lose fat but feeling conflicted because of fatphobia fears: 40:36Finding "your spot" (owning your goals and your journey): 45:07Enoughness: 53:32Parting wisdoms: 55:45

Om Podcasten

After over 15 years in the health and fitness fields, Cardiac Nurse turned Personal Trainer, Marianne Kane explores the journey from believing you're broken, dysfunctional, and ill-equipped to a place of believing you come equipped with exactly what you need for your next step.Your host discusses topics that will help lessen the burden of "getting it all right" and create freedom to be your truest and fullest "fit self", inside and out, just as you are.