Healthcare innovations: making technology attractive

Understanding the importance of intuitive design for effective solutions.With Bastian Hauck and Dr Tahreema Matin.On this week’s episode we continued the conversation with Bastian Hauck and Dr Tahreema Matin considering ways to improve the development of healthcare innovations. In the previous episode we looked at the importance of collaborating with users in the early stages of device development. In this episode we discuss the role of innovators to create solutions that can be easily used, the importance of communication to encourage adoption of any technologies and more. Bastian and Tahreema bring two different perspectives to the table with Bastian being a patient advocate and Tahreema being a clinician.

Om Podcasten

This podcast series features experts from a variety of disciplines to share knowledge among healthcare professionals and the general public. As digital health technologies and engineering develop at an increasing pace, it is necessary to adapt to the new changes and challenges that will have a major impact on our lives. Delving into evidence-based discussions, our featured experts and thought leaders, across a range of topics, will illustrate what appropriate evidence for widescale clinical adoption looks like; along with how to go about collecting it to ensure new technologies are clinically effective and offer economic value.