Healthcare regulation: mandatory or optional?

Looking at the role of regulation in the development of innovation in healthcare and differentiating between mandatory rules and optional practical guidance. Within the UK and globally, there's been a rapid adoption of digital health technologies. As in several other industries such as manufacturing, transport, or the energy sector, healthcare technology is highly regulated. Standards and guidance for regulation are in place but how do patients know that manufacturers are abiding to them? As new digital health technologies are introduced in healthcare, how are new rules being made and by who? On this week’s episode, we spoke with Eleonora Harwich and Claudia Martinez from Think Tank to discuss healthcare regulation and differentiating between rules that are mandatory and those that are guides.  

Om Podcasten

This podcast series features experts from a variety of disciplines to share knowledge among healthcare professionals and the general public. As digital health technologies and engineering develop at an increasing pace, it is necessary to adapt to the new changes and challenges that will have a major impact on our lives. Delving into evidence-based discussions, our featured experts and thought leaders, across a range of topics, will illustrate what appropriate evidence for widescale clinical adoption looks like; along with how to go about collecting it to ensure new technologies are clinically effective and offer economic value.