Making your idea a reality: resources for growth

With Dr Ronjon Nag and Martin Hunt.Evidencing long-term value to funders as well as patients and clinicians.In the last episode we discussed the different types of funding, what investors are looking for, and what developers should understand to attract investment. In this episode, we continued the conversation with Ronjon and Martin on what comes next: how you can build your team and scale up or expand once you’ve seen real patient benefits, and what comes at the end of the journey.Over the life cycle of a company there will be different requirements and teams may need to reconfigure, adjust and grow. Based on risk, a company’s needs begin to change and develop, but at an early stage, with a lack of data or experience, it will be difficult to make these decisions. Can this challenge be mitigated? Funding is vital throughout a company or product life cycle, not just at the beginning. How can you ensure your new technology is attractive to investors throughout the entire process? Listen to this week’s episode to learn more. 

Om Podcasten

This podcast series features experts from a variety of disciplines to share knowledge among healthcare professionals and the general public. As digital health technologies and engineering develop at an increasing pace, it is necessary to adapt to the new changes and challenges that will have a major impact on our lives. Delving into evidence-based discussions, our featured experts and thought leaders, across a range of topics, will illustrate what appropriate evidence for widescale clinical adoption looks like; along with how to go about collecting it to ensure new technologies are clinically effective and offer economic value.