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THE EXPERIENCE EFFECT - EP 4 - Why Employees matter most in the Experience Economy

av The Experience Effect Podcast | Publicerades 12/1/2019

Last year, over 1 million Australians decided to change their jobs. This rate of employee churn is actually on the rise. So why are we changing jobs more frequently than ever? And what is it costing business? On this episode of The Experience Effect we talk to the chief customer marketing officer of Volkswagen, Jason Bradshaw about how the experience economy has changed the way we want to work. GUESTS: Jason Bradshaw, chief customer marketing officer of Volkswagen Group Australia Host: Andrew Birmingham

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We are living through times of rapid change. New technology has affected almost every area of our lives — so why should the way we do business stay the same? Can new technology take the guesswork out of knowing what your customer really wants? What can neuroscience teach us about how consumers make decisions? And what does the ‘age of the customer’ really mean for your business?  Real people, practical insights and good business. The Experience Effect — a podcast about doing business in the experience economy.  Hosted by Andrew Birmingham & brought to you by SAP.