Hoaxes and Hair Shop Brawls: The Opinion Nobody Wants To Hear!!!

In this weeks episode, First, we unravel the shocking allegation that sent shockwaves through the community just last week. A woman claimed to have been struck by a brick, igniting outrage and concern. However, we unveil the startling truth that has emerged this week – it was all a hoax. In the latter part of the show, we pivot to another intense narrative, this time centered around a hair shop incident involving an Asian owned business. Tensions flare as a man and woman find themselves embroiled in a physical altercation, sparked by a heated dispute over a refund. We explore the potential root causes of this explosive confrontation, shedding light on the underlying issues that led to such a volatile situation. Visit our website and sign up to our mailing list so that you never miss an Express Truth upload. https://www.expresstruthshow.com

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We decided to fill the void with the creation of the often controversial and thought provoking Express Truth Show based in Birmingham, UK, where we give what we think is the ideal and correct type of coverage with the perfect type of presentation. Our show has gone on to find success within the iTunes circuit before later expanding to other audio platforms such as Spotify and others. The decision to have a visual presence would in turn lead our team to YouTube where we have seen our audience grow. People have been very responsive towards our unbiased and unfiltered reporting style, while being able to see the humour we bring in an area that usually has a full focus on the doom and gloom outlook on the world.

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