True Geordie makes Islamophobic comments & Kyrie Irving dropped!!!

In this weeks episode we discuss the news that YouTuber True Geordie has been dropped by two of his sponsors after he made an Islamophobic comment and then continued to double down. Gym Shark and PokerStars have both ended their relationship with the vlogger, whose real name is Brian Davis, after he made comments about the religion of social media personality Andrew Tate.   In the second part of the show we discuss  USA basketball player Kyrie Irving, Who shared a link to a documentary containing material described as anti-Semitic, meaning that it was hostile to Jewish people.  The NBA and Brooklyn Nets boss Joe Tsai were among many who criticised Kyrie.  He eventually deleted the tweet, and promised with his team to make a joint $1m donation to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) - a US charity set up to combat hate speech. 

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