#176 How Frustration, Guilt, & Discontent Guide You to Your Best Self -- Don't Assuage the Pain or 'Accept What Is'. This is Your Soul Calling!

Have you ever had that inner feeling of discontent, frustration, guilt, or dissatisfaction? (I know I have.) Have you ever thought — what’s the point of setting goals? I’ll just be disappointed. Or have you ever tried to achieve something — losing weight, earning more money, or improving your marriage — only to finally give up and accept yourself and your circumstances? In this episode we’re going to dive into why many people feel and think this way — and how ‘accepting things as they are’ can be a good short-term strategy, but it’s a bad long-term plan. Why? Because you end up living in incongruence and you’ll make yourself miserable -- now and in the future. There is an inner knowing in your soul — a blueprint of your potential — and as long as you live below what you’re capable of you’ll always feel that something is missing (which you’ll try to assuage or excuse away with eating, scrolling, or Netflix).  But the only way to find lasting happiness is to accept the call to your highest self and to reach upward. Listen to this episode as we discuss how to live in more congruence and thereby live a happier, more fulfilling, and satisfying life. Please excuse the audio quality in this episode. The original audio recorded with our microphones was lost and we had to use the audio from the video recording. This episode is sponsored by our Best Self Bundle. This bundle of courses gives you all the tools, resources, and strategies that you need to reach upward and live in congruence — in fact, they’re the exact tools we have used to create our own extraordinary, expanding life. Visit extraordinaryfamilylife.com and click the link at the top for the Best Self Bundle and start today learning simple strategies you can use right away that will create powerful positive transformations in your family life. https://courses.extraordinaryfamilylife.com/bundles/become-your-best-self --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gregory-denning/message

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