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Turning a Side Hustle into a $9k/mo Business, with Pat Walls from Starter Story

av The Failory Podcast | Publicerades 5/18/2020

Pat Walls (@thepatwalls) is the founder of Starter Story, a site interviewing successful entrepreneurs, and Pigeon, a Gmail CRM extension. Prior to this, he co-founded Delite, a SaaS platform for B2B wholesale orders, that would shut down later on. From graduating from UCSB with a degree in economics to learning to code, find out how Pat’s drive for a new challenge led him to his current founder role, in this episode of the Failory Podcast.

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From large funding rounds, acquisitions, and a constant stream of success stories coming out of startups, it is often hard to see why almost 90% of them fail. The Failory Podcast dives deep on this notion and uncovers the lessons today’s successful founders learned at previous ventures so that you can avoid similar pitfalls and apply winning strategies to your business from the get-go.