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How To Be A Consistent High Performer with Donny Singe From Manly Sea Eagles

Even when you're “living the dream”, sh*t still happens. Setbacks can arise compelling you to question the decisions you've made to date. When this happens, how do you flick the positivity switch back on? How do prevent self-sabotage, stay on course and weather these storms? This week on The Few Podcast, co-hosts Boo and Sean welcome Donny Singe to set the record straight. Donny is a sports performance professional with years of high-level experience under his belt. From years serving in the military to building stars in the sports game, he is a person who has spent his life “living a dream”. On today's show, he provides life-changing advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of comfort. Resolve and moments of fortitude are required to continue “living the dream” and Donny shares the steps to build these traits. For the full download, give this episode a listen!

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