Kaizen: Making Small Improvements To Achieve Big Results with Rob Redenbach

Is where you are today what you imagined 10 years ago? Some people are able to follow a process over a similar time window and live their dreams. Ultimately, it's about finding that intrinsic motivation that compels you to create (and become) more. How do you formulate this compelling level of motivation? And more importantly, how do you maximise it? Join anchors Boo and Sean on this week's podcast of The Few as they artfully interrogate one of the very few who have managed to find this hardcore motivation to fuel their drive, Rob Redenbach. This talented and multifaceted individual has been everything from a security expert to one of the best life coaches in the world. In this episode, Rob discusses how to light the spark and make a connection between where you are and where you want to be. Tune in!

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