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Problem-Solving. A Key Foundation Of Successful Entrepreneurship with Chris Rhyss Edwards

Being an elite problem-solver is a highly sought-after trait in all applications! This skill set has advanced our species over thousands of years. We wanted to find out is it possible to develop problem-solving abilities or is it ingrained? The next question was, is this quality being utilised effectively by organisations and businesses around the world? Today we welcome former army combat engineer and peacekeeper Chris Rhyss Edwards to dissect the above. Chris is now a digital media professional and celebrated author living life to the fullest, successfully combining purpose and creativity. Sitting side-by-side on The Few Podcast, we take a walk down memory lane with this extraordinary individual and press Chris on what makes him tick, uncovering valuable lessons and strategies from his vast experience. In this episode, you can expect the unexpected as our conversation goes deep into territory that will captivate you.

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