Ep 93 Achieving Community Engagement and Social Impact Through a Community-Based University Partnership

In this episode of The Forum Podcast Dr. Charlyn Hilliman (Capella University) and Dr. Barbara Butts Williams (Capella University) explore how an established direct path is possible between talent, employment, and leadership skills through strategic partnerships. Through thoughtful partnerships between community-based organizations and universities, an established direct path is possible between talent, employment, and leadership skills. These strategic partnerships help mitigate social and economic inequities and give back to employees, thus changing lives where they work and live. The aim is to positively impact our community and regions through the power of education and applied scholarship. The community-based and university partnership’s mission focus is to provide fellows from cultural and economic development groups, local government, and major employers with the tools, resources, and experiences to make a lasting impact on our society. This podcast episode provides best practices, outcomes, and strategies for engaging members ready to demonstrate active leadership, community engagement, and a commitment to help mitigate social, economic, health, racial, and educational inequities within their communities. Learning Outcomes Develop community engagement strategies that provide a direct path between learning and employment Examine the tools, resources, and experiences used by participating employees to impact society Explore a model for talent, community engagement, and leadership development through partnerships --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fwi/support

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