Mother-Daughter Chats

This week, Kim and Ferne get real. Kim evenly balances her coaching with her mothering as she gives Ferne advice about her struggles as a new Ph.D. student. Ferne talks about someone who has seemingly set her back by giving her heavy criticism, but Kim helps her see that some of our biggest critics are actually some of our biggest supporters.Join the conversation! the episode's transcript here: do you think about this episode? Let us know! Do you have a case or a topic that you’d like us to talk about? Reach out! Please email

Om Podcasten

Welcome to The Frame of Mind Coaching™ Podcast with hosts Kim Ades and Ferne Kotlyar! Listen in as the mother-daughter duo discuss our unique coaching approach to topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, HR issues, relationships, parenting, mental health, and more. In each episode, Ferne brings a topic or case study to the show and Kim shares her on-the-spot insights. You’ll learn how to shift your perspective on relatable challenges so that you can experience dramatically better results!