What Motivates The People Around Me?: With Denim Slade

This week, we have a series of firsts. It is the first time Ferne and I interview a podcast guest together. And it is the first time we have Dr. Denim Slade, my own personal coach (because I think even coaches need a coach) live on the show. Denim is one of the few PhD-level relationship coaches in the world and is well known for developing the C.O.R.E. assessment, an evidence-based personality and temperament test. On this episode of The Frame of Mind Coaching™ Podcast, we interview Denim to learn more about his assessment tool and how it helps him understand the drivers and motivations of his clients.Listen here!https://www.frameofmindcoaching.com/podcastRead the episode's transcript here:https://www.buzzsprout.com/1252997/episodes/11614303Would you like to take the test? Did you already take it? Let us know! Do you have a topic or case that you’d like us to talk about? Reach out! We’d LOVE to hear from you, so please email us:kim@frameofmindcoaching.comfernekotlyar@live.com

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