#140 | Ali Okab | Aqua Marina

Ali Okab is the boss and face of the world-famous Aqua Marina, located right at the Blue Hole north of Dahab, Egypt.His restaurant is the starting point for all freediving adventures in the Blue Hole and the de facto family house for freedivers from all over the world.In this episode we discuss:Ali's full name is Ali Rekab Ali Ali Okab.Aqua Marina is a home for all the freedivers of the world.The challenges of running a restaurant at the Blue Hole.Ali's realisation about freediving and its people through the trials of the COVID era.Ali is from Alexandria.He was working as a taxi driver before moving to Sinai.Ali's initial confusion about the sport of freediving.A free freediving course from Lotta Ericson.Ali has been at the Blue Hole for 23 years!About the special service offered by Ali at Aqua Marina.The amazing food and the good price!AIDA supplied a defibrillator for the restaurant.How freediving in the Blue Hole has changed over the years.How to look after and care for this unique environment.Shout out to Mohammend, the thinking mind!Ali's new place in Dahab town.For all episodes of the Freedive Cafe Podcast, visit www.freedivecafe.comFor freediving courses and training in Dahab, Egypt, visit www.freediveandthrive.com

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