#142 | Pete Botman | Master's Champion

Pete Botman is a Canadian/Dutch freediving athlete and instructor based in Dahab, Egypt. He is a 100m+ diver,  multiple World Record holder in the CMAS Master's category and didn't start freediving until he was later in his forties.In this episode we discuss:Pete was born and raised in Canada but grew up speaking Dutch.He joined the swim team and competed at quite a high level until aged 16.Teaching, coaching, lifeguarding, and cross-country skiing.How difficult is cross country skiiing?The possibilities of youth and hangovers!Pete didn't start freediving until he was about 46 years old!About 10 years as a PADI scuba instructor leading up to freediving.Coming out of an awesome 2022 season for Pete.Pete and Olga Rodnova run Personal Best freediving together in Dahab, Egypt and Kas, Turkey.The difficulties of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on running a business.How to juggle training and teaching?Shout out to David Mellor and his first 100m dives!Stumbling blocks with throat squeezes and how Pete overcame them.Reverse packing and squeezing.Pete was 59 old years at the time of the interview.Age is no barrier to freediving!'Freediving is just about getting back up" ;)Donny gets 'narced' from dives deeper than 60m!Is narcosis just about nitrogen or are the other gases involved, too?Pete achieved world record in many disciplines in the Master's category in the CMAS Outdoor World Championship.The last championship and a rivalry with Jesper Stechmann and Jens Stoetzner.About being coaching to Giorgos Panagiotakis? Swimming with dolphins is the best kind of CO2 training!Comparing Egypt and Taiwan's climate.What does training session, week, look like for Pete?Fondly remembering the beer-can-in-the-ass chicken and thoughts on nutrition.Shout out to the Ukrainians who can't be diving right now!DESERT ISLAND QUESTIONS - Patreon ExclusiveShout out to some special people!Why does he freedive?For all episodes of the Freedive Cafe Podcast, visit www.freedivecafe.comFor freediving courses and training in Dahab, Egypt, visit www.freediveandthrive.com

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