#154 | Alenka Artnik | Purpose & Clarity

Alenka Artnik is the deepest female freediver in the world. Originating from Slovenia, she transformed her life and broke free of her old bonds to pursue this amazing sport and its deeper dimensions.Alenka first appeared on Episode #57 of the show.In this episode we discuss:She was in Dahab for training at the time of the interview.What are the biggest changes Alenka has noticed in Dahab in the 7 years since she was last here?Alenka got married! Congratulations!Alenka's feelings on the recent doping scandal in freediving.What has changed most in Alenka's training over the last 5 years?The important role of Tea Košnjek, Alenka's strength and technique coach.How important is pool training for freediving?Alenka describes her approach to periodisation.How many times does she train strength at this time of year?The importance of balance in life, and treating oneself every so often.How does one maintain strength close to a competition?The importance of the mental and spiritual dimensions of freediving.How important is visualisation?What is Alenka's experience with narcosis?The importance of clarity of mind and vision and purpose in life.How important is having a training plan?DESERT ISLAND QUESTIONS - PATREON EXCLUSIVEWhy does Alenka freedive?For all episodes of the Freedive Cafe Podcast, visit www.freedivecafe.comFor freediving courses and training in Dahab, Egypt, visit www.freediveandthrive.com

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