Episode 2: Panthers and Police

As tensions boil between Black communities and the police, David Frost interviews key people making the headlines: Reverend Jesse Jackson, Huey P. Newton, and more. The conversations cover everything from police brutality to political assassinations, ending with a fiery debate over whether the FBI and police are actively targeting Black activists.

Om Podcasten

David Frost was the 20th century’s most prolific interviewer, a master of conversation with a remarkable talent for getting people to open up and spill their souls. Many of his conversations, however, have been lost—until now. Presented by his son, broadcaster Wilfred Frost, in Season One of “The Frost Tapes,” we resurrected interviews covering topics that had astounding relevance with current events in 2020. In Season Two, we’re joining David as he interviews the greatest entertainers of the 20th/21st centuries: Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Muhhamad Ali, the Beatles, and more. You can’t hear these interviews anywhere else.