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Day Two Cloud 040: Building And Operating A Private Cloud

av The Full Feed - All of the Packet Pushers Podcasts | Publicerades 3/18/2020

Today’s Day Two Cloud delves into how and why to build a private cloud that functions as well as a public cloud. We examine the design and operational challenges of assembling and operating cloud infrastructure on premises.
Our guest is Bryan Sullins, Senior Systems Engineer for a large retailer.
We discuss:

* NIST’s definition of private clouds
* Automating all the things (hardware, software, OSs, etc.)
* Key platforms including Ansible, Morpheus, and Kubernetes
* The role of self-service
* How building a private cloud affected the infrastructure team
* Planning, design, and implementation
* More


* Have a test lab.
* Have a defined process and document it.
* Many tools used in this deployment are open source. You can start tomorrow.

Show Links: – Bryan Sullins’ Web site
Bryan Sullins on Twitter
Bryan Sullins on LinkedIn

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