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Why Most Students Aren't Lazy They Are Just Uninterested | MYX Founder Abby Brody Interview

av The GaryVee Audio Experience | Publicerades 6/4/2021

Today's episode is from when I interviewed Abby Brody, CEO & Founder of MYX. We discuss everything wrong with the current education system, our personal experiences with it, and how Abby and her ambitious project, MYX, plan to bring positive, real change to how students can get an education that better prepares them for life... Enjoy! Let me know what you thought. Check these places out for more information on Abby and MYX Enjoy! Let me know what you thought. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter: Check out my new NFT project: Join the VeeFriends Discord: For more information on Abby and The Myx: MYX Website: MYX Twitter: Abby's Twitter: “In The MYX” Podcas:

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