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Why It's Important To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Listen To The Market | Prizeout Founder David Metz

av The GaryVee Audio Experience | Publicerades 6/16/2021

Today's episode is an interview is part of a new blitz podcast series where I do 15 minute rapid fire interviews with awesome entrepreneurs. In this episode we interview David Metz, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of his company "Prizeout". We discuss the best business advice David's ever received, his philosophy on hiring and his fascination with consumer behavior. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought. Tweet Me! @garyvee Text Me! 212-931-5731 My Newsletter: Check out my new NFT project: Join the VeeFriends Discord: Find more about Prizeout at Instagram: @prizeout Twitter: @thisisprizeout  Facebook: @prizeoutco ( LinkedIn: Prizeout (

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