From Banking to Customer Wine Experience

In this episode I'm interviewing Pietari Paakkola @viinilasikauppias, who turned a banking career into a successful local wine bar @viinibaarivinho. He reveals how was it to enter into a world of restaurateurs and other experts when you don't have previous experience from hospitality. His guiding principles are evergreen and so simple, but often overlooked in the business. How do you turn a traditional business into an experience?

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Om Podcasten

This podcast aims to embrace people who cannot find themselves in modern society’s view of expert. Instead, the intention is to encourage everyone to just openly develop themselves as generalists. Of course it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get deep knowledge about anything, but at least you can let yourself to discover more widely.

In this podcast, I  talk with people who are interested in various domains, and even though they are not experts in the matter, they are developing something interesting... When other podcasts give you the view of a successful individual after all the hard work they have done, I wanted to hear people who are on their way to do something cool. My mission is to share inspiration for you to get your ideas further, how to experiment with your ideas, as well as how one can just be a generalist without diving too deep into anything.

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