Higher Ed Professionals Talk Gen Z and Social Justice (Part II)

On this episode of The Generational View, we invited two more Higher Educational professionals to discuss their day-to-day experiences with the often misunderstood and feared Generation Z, and how they empower and engage with their students.  As explored in previous episodes of The Generational View, the expectations that Gen Z has for the workplace and society are unprecedented compared to what we’ve seen in Millennials or any other previous generations. It’s important to listen to and understand what Gen Z wants, or companies and institutions that fail to do so will get left behind. That’s why we’re having these important conversations All About Gen Z on Season 2 of The Generational View.   Our guests Steve Gallagher, a proud Gen X with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications and Master’s in Strategic Leadership and Organizational Change, has over 20 years of experience in the higher education field. He currently serves as Advisor to Administration at an arts school, and is a certified emotional intelligence coach and has a coaching practice with the goal of living a more balanced and fulfilled life. Juaquin Sims is a Program Director at an Ivy League University and Board Member of the Young Education Professionals. He is a Millennial with Bachelor’s Degree in English Education and Literature and Master’s Degree in Higher Education   What you’ll hear in this episode How the characteristics of Generation Z impact how they engage with their students Balancing the change that needs to happen with the systems that need to exist The evolution of social justice in their institutions and curriculums The strengths and opportunities that Gen Z brings to the workplace

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