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Higher Ed Professionals Talk Gen Z & Social Justice (Part I)

Season 2 of The Generational View Podcast continues with exploring the perspectives of those who teach and lead Gen Zers on a daily basis.  As we have learned, Gen Z is just different... than any generation that has come before them. Maybe you’ve been surprised or delighted to learn just how much, but they are indeed.  We’re about to hear a thought-provoking and analytical conversation with two Higher Educational professionals on traits, beliefs and behaviors that they encounter in their Gen Z students.   Our Guests: Stacia Solomon is a proud Gen Xer with over two decades in the field of education. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Management/Marketing and a Master’s of Education. Kelvin Rutledge is a Millennial with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science, a Master’s of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education/Higher Education Administration. He has served over a decade across various leadership roles within various state, regional, and national higher education and career services associations. Additionally, he volunteers with various community initiatives and serves on the City of New Haven LGBTQ+ Youth Task Force.   What You Will Hear in This Episode: The experiences or characteristics they find that are distinctly different than their own generation How the constant access to information has affected younger generations How the passion for social justice shows up in their students How they deal with the duality that the system SHOULD be dismantled while knowing that it cannot be.

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Need help navigating generational differences in your work or home life? Join global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion keynote speaker, author and researcher Raven Solomon for weekly cross-generational conversations about important matters impacting society, culture, and the workplace. Through generational panel discussions, one-on-one expert interviews, and occasional solo episodes, The Generational View podcast seeks to increase awareness around generational differences, provide context for those differences, and increase empathy amongst us all in spite of those differences. New episodes premiere on Thursdays, i.e. Friday Eve! Welcome to The Generational View...