Managing the Passion in Gen Z (Part I)

In this episode, we continue to speak with the people who engage with Gen Zers on a daily basis. Throughout the What Gen Z Wants series on The Generational View podcast, you have been enamored and impressed by our Gen Zers, but how will you engage with them, motivate them, retain them as an X, Millennial, Baby Boomer or Gen Zer yourself?  In this two-part series I will speak to four of them…. currently leading our future workforce and upcoming leaders.  Our Guests Pilar McDonald is Co-founder of Project Matriarch, an organization that helps mothers and other caregivers dedicate the time and energy they desire to their work. Lola McAllister is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Project Matriarch and is passionate about entrepreneurship for genuine social good. Alexis Hardy-Wills serves as the National Real Estate Pathway Manager for an organization that provides marginalized high school seniors industry-specific career advancement opportunities through paid internship experiences.  What you’ll hear in this episode The differences they see in Gen Z compared to other generations and how they manage that How the organizing capacity of Gen Z can be of benefit to organizations The benefits that Gen Z brings to the workplace Balancing the idealism of Gen Z with the reality of the current workplace

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