Parenting the Passion in Gen Z (Part II)

Through our What Gen Z Wants series on The Generational View, I am even more hopeful about Generation Z soon leading in workplaces and institutions. It’s no secret that Gen Z is different from any previous generation, and these most recent episodes of The Generational View are meant to help us understand how parenting has played a role in that, from shaping their values to shepherding their experiences.   Our Guests Bethany Tebbe is one part development professional, one part geek and 98 parts drive-her-son-everywhere-he-need-to-go-while-entertaining-the-toddler. She has a Bachelor’s in Art History and a Master’s in International Relation - specifically African Studies and Public Health. Debra Bouyer is a Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion Program Manager for a scientific nonprofit organization. She has a Bachelor’s in Sociology and certificates in Paralegal Studies and Diversity & Inclusion.   What you’ll hear in this episode What makes Gen Z different from their generation The prevalence of lawnmower parenting and how it affects children How cultural differences affect parenting styles The effect that social and political issues have on their parenting

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